Aug 30, 2012

Plans for a comfortable future

Greetings y’all,
Today I picked up my laptop from the computer shop for a repair service. My laptop’s processor is damaged or something  due to overheating which caused it to shut down everytime I switch it on. Before that my laptop’s keyboard was already broken and I thought by sending it to the shop the keyboard will also be repaired but unfortunately it is still broken. The worst part is that there is no replacement for my keyboard because that model is a limited edition and all shops do not stock it. I am very stressed over this and I vow never to buy HP laptop ever again.

This leads me into thinking of building my own PC. PC can withstand more heat and therefore it is more durable. Unfortunately now is not a good time for me to do so because 1) I am still a student, studying away from home. 2) I don’t have money to buy all the dream components of the PC and 3) I would need to have my own house to put my fabulous PC into place. Obviously this is a part of my life dream – building one kick-ass PC and I will share with you how it’s going to be.

The general idea is to have one chassis PC tower connected to my future HD television via an HDMI cable. I got this idea from connecting my laptop to my brother’s TV to play FIFA and watching movies. I do not care what other people may say but I think it is a cool idea  to combine my TV with computer. I can watch movies, browse Internet and play games. Now, what about keyboard and mouse? I will opt for wireless, preferably over bluetooth. That way I can still type and move the mouse leisurely on the couch, in front of my delicious big screen TV. But then what happens when I decided to watch both Astro channels and browsing the Internet? Well, dual monitor seems nice. If I think it is necessary I will just buy a nice wide HDTV and an equally large HD monitor for my PC and put it side by side.

Okay… as of what the market can offer me now, here’s the desired components for my dream PC:
1. A Samsung plasma TV (the wider, the better! hehe Open-mouthed smile )

2. HDMI cable

<This connects the TV above with the chassis below>

3. A CM HAF X (full tower) chassis

And after that I am going to fill that chassis with everything all modern computer have: one or two latest graphic cards (come with VGA or HDMI slot), as much SATA drives I can cram in, preferably 8GB of RAM, which means I need to install Windows 7 or 8 or any future OS of 64-bit. If necessary, an audio card, small fans that can be attached inside the chassis and of course, the radiator with liquid cooling so that my PC will never get hot. I will need to know what kind of ATX motherboard to use, and luckily this kind of chassis has its own power supply. Ah, I will also need to put in network card for WiFi, a DVD burner and hmm, let’s see. What else, huh? I think it is enough for now.

Despite my endless list of components, I am not confident I will be able to assemble this PC myself. I think I will need to ask for help. Either I bring all the components to a shop and ask them to assemble the PC for a fee or I buy the chassis first and buy the rest of the components in a shop and ask them to put it together for me. Either way I am confident it would not be an easy task. I wonder if there is anyone out there, a friend maybe, that is knowledgable and willing to help me with this stuff? I really do appreciate the help, though. (sob..)


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