Nov 16, 2012

The girl with a tennis racket

Funny how little things can make you stop and ponder about life. We always looking for big things that supposedly going to change our life. We wait and we wait for that momentum to shift our paradigm of life, and down we go spiralling down without realising that we don’t need that ‘push’ to get you going – you just need to look at your surroundings better and believe me, even a 7 year-old girl can make an impact.
We keep forgetting that we begin with nothing. We are not always strong. We are not born with knowledge in mind. But we often ridicule other people who are inferior to us. It seems so far-fetched to immediately aim at the top. We aim to do it straight away. And when I was carried away with that simple minded way, I was reminded by the girl who play tennis by the wall. It looked so simple, so basic, but she treated it with such seriousness and joy it struck me back home.
It’s about time I slow down my pace. No point in sprinting towards finishing line that is uncertain with the future. Just take time with everything I have. Be it my study, lovelife, and my life in general, I believe the pace I’m walking now is the right way to go. We don’t need to run to win the race because we set our goal ourselves. I don’t have to get intimidated by other people’s progress. People prosper and fall, that’s normal, and by believing in my actions I can be reassured that my growth, how insignificant it may be, is worthwhile.
One pace at a time. One struck for one swing.
If we believe in ourselves we can move the immoveable.
Be it our fear that’s holding us down, or obstacles that seems to add up all the time,
Just keep up what you’ve been doing.

Like the girl with a tennis racket.

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