Dec 11, 2012

God versus The Act of Chance

Hi guys,
I recently met an acquaintance who doesn’t believe in God. He is a member from my seminar group in University. The topic came out when we were discussing the role of spiritual belief in patients with mental illness. I was tempted to rationalise with him but it was during the seminar and I haven’t had the chance to talk to him.
I guess, in a way, he was trying to convince the rest of audience in the class that he was right. I am not saying he did that, but from the way he said it aloud he was trying to put the logic in his belief by saying that everything that happens around us, from the Big Bang to the evolution of species, is a total act of chance.
That’s the last thing I heard about his belief – a total chance. He believed that anything which exists comes by chance. It’s like saying human has come to existing by suddenly being here on Earth out of nothing. Let’s put it this way: Once upon a [nothingness] (as time couldn’t exist before everything exists, isn’t it?), there is nothing. In one every [insert big number here], for instance, 1 every 10^100000000, there’s a chance that [something] exists. Out of nothing. Which is ridiculous.
If you say human is the most evolved form of life so it’s not a really good example, let’s pick the simplest form of living things as the thing that being said to be born out of chance. Let’s pick an amoeba then. The question is, what’s the likelihood that the unicellular organism can be born totally because it suddenly wanted to be born?
Let’s pick the simplest man-made item that we can think of. A wooden spoon, for example.
In what way imaginable can a wooden spoon suddenly exists, by chance, without someone making it? That is the most logical analogical flaw in his statement. If you can’t even make a simple spoon materialises in front of you, you certainly can’t expect humans with complex biopsychosocial systems to exist naturally by chance. There is no way a grain of sand can be formed by itself, let alone the constellations of stars and the heavenly bodies.
Many of us think that the real danger with the world right now is not with Israel or Nasrani, but the unbelievers of God. Let’s pray that we are protected from such blasphemy.
Thanks for reading.

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