Apr 13, 2014


So here I am, 90+ days away from final exam.
I just started my 2 week holidays of Easter break and now I am safe and bored at home although I have tonnes of stuff to read and learn over this holiday but as usual I don't have any motivation to start any. It always happen when I am at home. To me, home is where books are kept in the bag and the learning is out of the window. But home is also a place where I don't have my own bed (let alone a bedroom), where Internet connection is capped and slow, and where common cold is so common I don't even realised I had it all day.

I am so bored out of my mind but I am not that kind of person who likes to go outside and wander. Not with my family around, thank you very much because I always feel a bit restricted with them. Plus there's nowhere to go and the only means of transportation at my disposal is one ancient Kancil which my dad strongly discouraged not to drive it outside the outskirts of Kajang. You know what they say about old cars; never drive them across unknown lands and uncharted territories. They can smell fear as your uncertainties of the likelihood of the car to break down gradually rise. And BAM, you car broke down in the middle of nowhere, or worse, in the middle of a busy highway.

So what to do with two weeks of holiday?
  1. Nothing - That seems like a default answer. I have no plans of what to do over this holiday. I sincerely want to cut my holiday short and go to JB a week earlier but seeing that by doing that will increase my rental fee significantly I gave up that thought. Bloody ISV with their incompetence.
  2. Going out meeting friends - That seems nice. I haven't see my friends for quite a while. But as most (or, rather, all!) of them have started working it will be a bit difficult to make a plan for a meet. Plus not all of them are a sight for sore eyes. Some of them are definitely plain sore sights, downward annoying and need to be eradicated or banned from breeding (hahaha joking, jokiiiing) (actually, I'm not.)
  3. Exercise - Pfft buahahaha no no no no no signor no no no. I didn't bring my running shoes and nope, I don't see any good place to run so no no no.
  4. Studying - Hmm yes I will study here and there but that is not exactly what I plan to do for the whole two weeks. No I will not bloody do that no.
  5. Movies - Tempting, but watching alone sucks and I really need to control how I spend my money.
Not such a long list, huh? Oh well, the good thing is I'm back at blogging! It is a bit sad that my friends are not the blogging types. What a bunch of bore. Haha. Or is it that only boring people blog? Hmm.

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