Nov 28, 2014

Day -18

Pejam celik pejam pejam pejam pejam celik tau-tau dah masuk hari ke 18.

Eh no, I mean, it is now 18 days left before final exam.

Weird, huh? Final exam is usually in June or July (because we started academic year in September) but in stage 4, final exam is at the end of first semester.

And they say stage 4 exam is the hardest. Even harder than the final year exam. That's what they say lah.

Yesterday was the last day of class. Rough calculation indicates that I have 2 weeks of study leave.
I nearly done with writing all my notes. Just one lecture to go. After this, I plan to revise all my notes, study all pharmaco, and (finally!) do my exercise books.

As usual, I need to organize my timetable for the last two weeks (I am so good at making plans and organizing stuff. The outcome is the one I'm still struggling!) and with Allah's will, everything will turn out just fine.

Just 18 days left. 14 days, to play it safe, minus all the time loss from lolly-lagging, sleep, etc.

p/s: Hospital Kajang doesn't approve my elective application. ERGH. I want to do a 4-week elective posting and they accept only a 3-week posting.

p/p/s: My sister got 2190/2400 for SAT! 740, 740 and a 710! Her TOEFL jangan cerita la, 126/130! I know she can do it. I'm so sorry she has to follow my footstep (fallen down) but she bounces back higher and fiercer than what I could achieve. So proud of her. She's still worried about applying to unis and getting a scholarship. It's okay. We take it one step at a time. We're family, so we stick around, remind each other and help whenever it's possible.

When I called my mother this morning, she told me that my sister has changed. And that motivates me, too, as I was the one who speak out plain about what's wrong with her and what is it that she has to change at the first place. Sometimes hard truth needs to be spoken out directly. I trust my mom to alter my words and passed it along to her. It's good that all went well.

But what I said about her is what I myself need to hear. I am sinful myself. I've fallen off the wagon for far too long far too often. Sometimes I even forgot that I have failed before. I need to remember my mistakes. Remember the pain and regrets that come after that. What I need now is a motivational slap.

Okay, consider it done.

18 days to go. Consider it well done.


  1. same goes to me. exam is just around the corner. All the best doctor-to-be !!

  2. Thanks! Good luck to you too Teena!