Nov 22, 2014

Health camp at Kampung Sungai Melayu

Hi there,

So there's this program that we, stage 4 students had to organize the other day which is a health camp. This is an annual program designed to make stage 4 students' life more miserable HAHA KIDDING and unlike last year, where they did it in a slightly populated area, this time, on 15th Nov, we did it in a fishing village called Kampung Sungai Melayu.

So when I say that we had to organize a health camp, it means that we organized it from start to finish. Beginning with election to pick the working committee to the open volunteer list for various tasks, we made plans several weeks prior. In our health camp, we included health check ups and screening like measuring blood pressure, blood glucose, BMI, and pep smear (that one was serviced by nurses from a nearby Klinik Kesihatan).

We also conducted consultations and a few of our lecturers agreed to give us a helping hand. Dr Peter and Dr Hari did consultations too and they even prescribed medications for them. Another big part of the health camp (ceh ceh ceh, it's my part) is the awareness booth where we further divided it into 4 areas: children, women's health, family planning, and general health. I was the lead volunteer for the whole awareness program and basically what we did was to explain to them about health.

Although we called it a health camp, it's more like a carnival. Even in the banner we put "Karnival Kesihatan". In general, this health camp is divided into 4 big sections:
  1. Screening and consultations
  2. Awareness booth
  3. Games and activities
  4. Research
The main point of this health camp is to tailor the health of the community individually by assessing their health, explain what it means and what to look out for, and give further directions for future references. We attracted a lot of children and ideally, in my opinion, health awareness should be planted as seeds as early as possible. But alas, we did not have the means and the capacity to conduct it more systemically.

So, enough with the blabbering and let's look at the picture:

Departing from campus at 7.00am

Me, Amir, Nazmi and Hatim

This is the main tents for awareness and seats for opening ceremony.

Setting up the booth

We used posters and brochures as visual aids for awareness. A few we got it from the klinik kesihatan but the rest we designed and printed those out ourselves. Our posters were more educational than of the Ministry that the nurses wanted our softcopy of the posters!

The registration booth. Fi and Shasha were helped by Sofia from Research, who in charge of doing questionnaires.

This is the view of the village. You can see Pulau Kecil Bantut Kerdil (Singapore) from here.

Inside this small hall is where screening and consultation would take place. On the right is Dr McKeegan, our clinical Dean of the university. Behind him is Dr Hari.

Women's Health awareness and screening were done in Klinik Desa opposite the road.

More setting up picture. *saja je upload gambar ni sebab ada aku kat dalam gambar hahaha*

"Macam ni la senang; kita tampal je semua poster ni.
Ada lebih kita tampal kat dahi diorang."
"Kita test kat dahi kau dulu nak?"

PA system arrived late! Hehe thank goodness Suren has a pickup.

"Asif, nak nombor kau boleh? Ada budak perempuan mintak."
"Eh ye ke? Hot tak? Kalau tak cun aku taknak kasi."

"Meh ukur siapa lagi tinggi: Aku ke atau board divider ni"
"Tinggi tu aku tak sure, tapi kalau lebar, lebar lagi kau dari board ni."

This is the site for games and activities

Even food gets free entry? Hahaha

Wani trying to gauge his interest about hypertension.

"Pakcik ni faham ke tak ni?"
"Pakcik bukan apa. Setakat darah tinggi ni, tinggi lagi ego pakcik!"
"Pakcik ni kau dah kenapa.."

*not an actual dialogue*

Hanisah (green)and Zatil (on the right) frustrated upon being thrown into smoking awareness
booth when in fact they were in charge of consultation.

Yani: Kau terima je la. Ini semua ketentuan Ilahi.

Tesco sponsored three hampers. I don't know why or how we managed to get that.

Klinik Desa for Women's health, lead by Ruhi.

"Kaum perempuan je yang boleh masuk dalam.
Kalau ada laki cuba masuk tengoklah Ruhi karate tengkuk dia."

Undeniably the most hip, the most coolest, realest Are-you-kidding-me doctor's bag.

"Nak berat badan yang ideal? Senang je.
Ni ha contoh depan mata ni taknampak ke?"

Games and activities team

"Pakcik ni taktau ke ada karnival kesihatan hari ni?"
"Karnival kesihatan? Ada roller coaster tak? Pakcik dah gian lama tak naik ni"
"Pakcik kau ni dah kenapa..."

"Musical chair? This I got to try!"

"Mari-mari datang-datang ke karnival jualan gedung termur- eh, silap
ke karnival kesihatan kami!"

"Jap aku tak faham sebenarnya. Korang ni bercerita pasal rokok ke bersembang?"
"Eh Yani kau tu jaga Family Planning apasal kau duk menempel kat sini. Shooh shooh!"

More games.

I have no idea what games is this. Or maybe it's a child slave auction. Who can tell? Haha

"Pakcik ni tak faham-faham ke sakit jantung tu apa?"
"Tak berapa la dik."
"Nampak tak penumbuk ni, pakcik?
"Ha, faham dah?"
"Faham dik, faham.."

*actual quote would be me explaining that
human heart is roughly the size of their own fist*

This is the face paint team. Highly sought after by the kids and volunteers alike.

"Do we know what kind of face paint can we do?"
"I was thinking we could do birds, heart and stuff."
"Can we do tattoo, instead? Tattoos are cool."

"Siapa sini nak kena jual ke Siam?"

"Okay.. aku rasa aku faham apa budak ni nak cuba sampaikan.
Tapi takkan la darah tinggi boleh buat masalah keguguran rambut?"
"Betul bang polis. Kalau ada darah tinggi boleh botak."

*no it will not cause baldness*

"Ni bukan tanda peace tau. Ni tandanya, kalau nak merancang keluarga dengan elok, ada benda yang perlu dipotong dan digunting. Zip zip!"
*evil laugh*

"Adik, duduk diam la."


Looks like your normal klinik kesihatan, but more informal.

"Ehhh ni lagi sorang tak faham-faham bahasa. Susah sangat ke?
Menyammmpah I."
"Eh dik kau ni dah kenapa..."

"Tarik jangan tak tarik, tarik jangan tak tarik!"

"Hey, how about this: Instead of face painting, let's paint on their backside"

"Aku dah malas dah nak explain bang oi. Kau bukan nak dengar pun.
Duk hisap rokok lagi ish geram la."
"Yela aku nak taubat la ni"

A'an and Itri.

"Aku menang Musical Chair! Yes boleh nyanyi Let It Go lepas ni."

"Haa abang-abang semua, lepas register boleh la sambung ke bilik pemeriksaan."
"Saya akan pergi kalau adik yang periksa abang."
"Kau nampak tangan ni? Penampar nak?"

Adina, Itri and Ainah.

Exercise and diet awareness

Pre- and post- awareness questionnaires.

"Pakcik kena jawab tau semua soalan ni."
"Kalau pakcik taknak jawab?"
"Haa, itu satu soalan cepumas. Nak penampar tak?"

"Ish, dulu aku hampir-hampir masuk Olympic kot.
Tetiba lak sekarang aku buat catering."

Cardiovascular problems.

"Eh pakcik, kami suruh pakcik jawab soalan je, bukan buat karangan."

Adina buat lakonan semula adegan The Lion King.

Blood pressure measurement.

The loser team. Kalah dengan budak-budak.
*hahah actually we lost against the cheating villagers*

"Nampak ni dik. Kalau kita register kita boleh belajar macam-macam."
"Betul betul betul!"

See, I think the true success of this health camp is the face painting.

Overall, we had fun! This is our last activity (and first!) together as a batch
and I will surely miss all of you when we part for our way.

P/S: All quotes are meant as a joke and fictional. Maybe. HAHAHA

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