Dec 7, 2014

Day -9

9 days left.
I am reconsidering my exam prep as so-so. Not so well-done as I hoped to achieve but not bad either.

I have occupied a big study desk in the library as my temporary settlement (work station). Last week I used to leave home at 7 am and leave at 11 pm. I would come to the library and study. Those were the days.

Now, in the last week of revising for exam, my timetable has shifted. I could no longer leave home at 7 nor could I leave the campus by 11. Nowadays, if I am lucky, I can get up from bed at 8. Arriving at the campus at 10 usually beats the purpose of studying in the morning because you just wasted 2 hours of early morning period. So I tried really hard to avoid that.

Today I arrived at campus around 9.30. My eyes are bloodshot and feel so heavy. It started to happen last week. Now everyday my eyes are red and I always feel tired. And no matter at what time I sleep it won't go away.

I blame it on caffeine. I usually take 3 thermos mug of coffee (one in the morning, one after lunch and one (or two) at night. Then the next morning I will feel weird. Not exactly cranky, but a bit like that; bloodshot eyes, lethargy, inattention and drowsy. But what to do? Exams are coming and the amount of revision that we have to make is no joke.

Do you know what time I leave the campus nowadays?

1.30 am.


I am not a midnight-oil burner. I am a morning person. But by cutting down the hours of sleep I can have more time to study but the consequence is my morning schedule will be ruined.


Okay guys I don't have time to write this post any longer it's 10 am already and I need to die study. Die Bye!

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