Jan 24, 2015

I Dream

I want the story of my life to be of epic proportion. The stuff of legends, full with miracles and sunshine and everything wonderful in between. It's like, the feeling that you get when reading a really good fantasy novel where you know that world really well like how a mother cat knows which are her litters. A world so wonderful and full with character development you can't stop grinning from ear to ear just from sheer pleasure of reading such a literature.

I want my dreams to become a reality. Happiness and certainties of the future are the things I seek most. I want my life to follow the greatest storyline ever narrated, a tale never forgotten. A story befitted of a protagonist of the fantasy novel. Only I know the limit of the fantasy I crave and the realization that my dreams are just a dream and nothing more hurts. Only I know the depth of my dreams and while most of them will forever be unattainable, I am lucky that I can still be able to at least dream of it. 

I dream of a future where all the cliches and giddiness of soap opera moments happened to me. That every plot and every suspense fall into pieces and form a foundation for me to stand upon. That I own my fantasy and the right to change my own storyline the way I see fit. To dream of meeting a rainbow so right it fits so well it agrees with my life so completely I could stand all the storms in the world as long as I could see and have it as my own.

And that rainbow, I pray, would be there with me during the best ending of my story.

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