Sep 8, 2016

15-minutes entry

There are documents to be printed as I am typing this down and many more to be certified and compiled for my interview next month. I am working today as well; for a month now I am working as a sales assistant at an optic shop. The work is not great but the pay is acceptable. I have to be out of the house by 10.15 am hence the 15-minute time frame to post this blog today.

Life right now is pretty mundane, I suppose. After I graduated from medical school three months ago I was preparing for my housemanship interview and in the mean time to work someplace else to fill in the boredom of waiting for an unknown period of time. The daily life of going to work as a lowliest worker and waiting before I can set foot in the hospital as a junior doctor quickly become a routine and that routine is antagonizing.

Rough estimation puts me into being able to save up up to RM5k by the start of the next year but half of it I had planned to buy a PS4 console and games together with an LED TV to play with. But with the amount I'm getting per month which is RM1200 per month and RM200 allowance + roughly min RM300 commission (according to the amount of sales I've made and after deduction from the missing stock, which happened this month and everyone will have RM64 of our commission to be cut to pay back the missing item GODDAMNIT) I can only get to play my games in the middle of November. 

That's like two months plus of a time I will be wasted away with nothing to occupied myself with.

And that's not including my pair of black shoes which have worn out and need to be replaced before the interview and my convocation takes place (again both of them are in October). Shoes alone will cost me around RM200 and my mom said I need a decent new pair of slacks for convocation day. OF which I agree. In fact, if I have the money, I want to replace all my wardrobe with new clothing.

Okay the time is up. Time to fake smiles and pretend like I know what I'm doing.



This are my work - making posters and shit to attract passerby but I forgot Malaysians are lazy they don't have time to stop and read simple things. Freakin unbelievable.

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