Oct 13, 2016

Dream Reflected

I had a dream last night. I know what it is about, but the more I tried to remember it, the faster it disappear from my memory. That's the thing with dreams; it is an uncharted territories made up with unrecognizable substances. Logic does not take place there, and the more holes you poke to leak out back the contents of your dream, the faster it sucks up any dreams so you won't remember any of it.

Our dream mind is a vast vacuum of a black (ass)hole.

But the essence of the dream I could still remember. It was about the payslips of my dad's and my brother's. I was looking at both of the payslips, and I saw that my brother's figure is significantly more than my dad's. There I was silently comparing the two figures with my salary as of now (the insignificant sales promoter) and thinking of ways to survive in this cut-throat world where we are slaved to our cars and our prison is our own property house that we could not afford to buy.

In the dream of mine (which is getting more hazy the more I concentrated on remembering it), my brother lamented on the fact that his salary is not enough to sustain his family of three. It is important to mention this now that what I dreamed may not have connection to his real condition or situation in the reality. It's just one damned dream. 

Anyway, my dad, who is now retired, shot back; He said if his relatively smaller figure of salary is enough to provide for the six of us, there should be no reason why my brother, who has a relatively bigger salary, cannot support his own smaller family. And then that's when the dream suddenly got weirded out, more nonsense jumbled up together and I basically lost anything in that dream. So that's the end of the dream I can tell as of right now.

That got me into thinking about a few things:

Let's do a social (personal) experiment. If I put myself into these hypothetical situation, here is what I would do:

#1 Monthly salary RM1000. 
Single, living alone. Have a motorcycle. Obviously with that much of money I have there are many things I could not afford. I would never ever dream of having the latest iPhone, a high-end laptop, a deluxe Astro plan, having a car, owning a house, going to vacations abroad, etc.

#2 Monthly salary RM2000
Okay maybe a small car would do. Rent out a small flat apartment unit. 

#3 Monthly salary RM5000
Now that I got more of that dough, maybe I change a new car, buy my own house, going to Bali or Phuket or maybe London once a year for a vacation.

#4 Monthly salary RM15 000
Maybe it's time to think of having two wives *slapped* okay kidding. I'll go invest into other, expensive hobbies like road hogging in a bike gang, do base jumps, snowboarding in the Swiss, or basically anything and everything to spend all my money.

So you see: the more you have, the more ways you can find to spend all your money on. Wealthy people have indefinitely more things for them to spend. If we don't exercise our will, we will succumb to temptations to buy everything just because.. well, just because we can. 

Personally, I am humbled by situations that are happening to me. I had plans initially to buy a lot of things with the salary that I've got. I think I was too fixated on saving money. Maybe my nawaitu has changed. A number of things had happened to me and as usual, a self reflection needed to be done. With that being said, I learnt that as I will never be satisfied with what I have and longingly want what others have, I need to think of what I do have now and be grateful that at least, I do have something rather than nothing at all.

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