Oct 10, 2016

Interview week

I have an interview coming this Friday from SPA that I have not prepared. Literally, I still have not done anything about it. There are still documents to be printed and copied, my trousers are still to be ironed, my necktie is nowhere to be found, but most importantly, I have no clue what to prepare myself with for the actual interview session.

My interview is on the last day of the interview session for the Gred 41 Pegawai Perubatan (housemanship doctors), meaning that my friends have all, or are currently, undergoing the interview session themselves. Despite them sharing their interview questions on the Facebook, I still have jitters about it. I am no good in interview. For years, my nervousness had penalized me during MOSLERS and OSCES; I will have thought block and nothing good can come out, I will forget everything that I'm supposed to know when I am nervous, and more than once I was scolded for being seemingly unprepared.

I'll just have a shot in the dark and list down a few questions I want to get myself readied with here. Who knows with the right nudge, the direction of the interview will go along the questions that I have prepared.
  1. Tell me more about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to be a doctor?
  3. Do you have an area of expertise you want to pursue in the future? (Yes. Emergency medicine)
  4. Why emergency medicine?
  5. Present to us one clerking you have done in emergency department.
  6. How will you treat a patient with a chest pain in an emergency department?
  7. What is ALS? - Advanced Life Support.
  8. In doing resuscitation, do you do the A-B-C (Airway, Breathing, Circulation) or C-A-B?
  9. Why C-A-B? When did the guideline changed? (2010, by AHA)
  10. Tell me one of the communicable diseases that you know?
  11. Zika? Dengue? Typhoid? 
  12. Tell me the latest health problems that appear in the news?
  13. Rotavirus?
  14. Management of any of the diseases mentioned earlier?
  15. What is the motto of KKM? (Don't laugh. My friends were asked this)
  16. Who is the Health Minister? Can you list down the hierarchy of the KKM organization?
  17. If you are placed to do housemanship in Sabah Sarawak, will you go?
  18. What do you know about the housemanship placement? (It is a contract-based, and there is no guarantee of a job once you are done with it) 
  19. If you are 5 minutes away from going back home after a long day at the hospital, and then an ill patient came in, what would you do?

Okay I think that's enough for now. I will come back at this list and prepare my answers accordingly. I hope they will not ask more weird or super clinical questions! If they do, I. Am. SO. DEAD.

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