Oct 7, 2016

Review: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

To release some build-up tension, I went to GSC IOI to watch this movie alone (today I'm off-day from work, woohoo). Both my sisters had watched this movie last week, and based on their mixed review this is another movie that I must watch in the cinema. I love this kind of genre; fantasy, fiction - too bad it's not sci-fi because that is my most beloved genre.

This is a Tim Burton movie, so for those who know his type of work you will not be disappointed as you will see the same style used in this movie. I always feel his movie has Halloween vibe about it, probably the feeling is biased based on his movie Nightmare Before Christmas. Okay, before I membebel panjang here, let's continue on with the review:

The protagonist of this movie (protagonist is the main character or the hero. Antagonist is the villain, or the bad guy. Remember antagonize = memberi kecaman or simply, antagonist = antu [hantu].  Easy to remember, right?) is a young boy named Jake, who is close to his grandfather, Abe. When Jake was a young kid, his grandfather often told him stories when he was raised in an orphanage home under the caretaker named Miss Peregrine.

In that orphanage home, the other children lived there are called Peculiars (pelik) because they have special abilities. There is Emma, who can manipulate air and is light as a feather; Enoch, who can animate anything; Olive, who can produce fire from her hands; Millard the invisible boy, Fiona, who can manipulate plants; Bronwyn, who has superhuman strength; Hugh the bee man; Claire, who has an extra mouth with big pointy teeth at the back of her head; Horace, who can have prophetic dreams and projects them, and lastly the two Twins, who wear mask all the time.

When Jack's grandfather is dying from being attacked by some creature, Jack was determined to find the orphanage home that Abe urged him to go to upon his dying breath. The journey find him travelling from his hometown in Florida, US, to an island in Wales, where the orphanage home is located. The orphanage was actually bombed by the Nazi in September 1943, leaving the building half destroyed and is disarray after that.

Jake has a big surprise when his childhood bedtime stories came out and met him. They brought him to the orphanage home and he finally met Miss Peregrine, the caretaker of the Peculiar children. There they live in an infinite period of a 24-hour time loop that is taking a full day before the home being bombed, a designated safety measures that ensures they are safe from creatures called the Hollowgast. The Hollows are actually the fallen Peculiar adults who, after a failed experiment to gain immortality, prey upon the Peculiar children's eyes in order to go back to their old forms.

When Miss Peregrine has been captured by the Hollowgast led by Mr Barron (Samuel L . Jackson), Jake and the rest children are in a race against time in order to thwart down the Hollows, bringing the children to a safe place, and to rescue Miss Peregrine.

One thing I don't really fancy about this movie is the casting of the main protagonist, Jake. Asa Garfield, seriously? This boy is like the male version of Kristen Stewart, but only worse. Muka kaku. Lemah. Cehh lelebih pulak aku critic bukan aku pandai berlakon pun hahah. But the overall movie is up to my expectation. Love the setting and the premise of the movie. If only they can show more of the ending or the different orphanage homes under the different time loop that would be better.

This movie is still showing in the cinema, guys, so go and have a go!

Overall rating: 7/10

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