Oct 7, 2016


Yesterday was stressful enough that I made mistakes with a customer's lens. Not only I didn't get the support that I needed more things then happened my life is so celaka and now this laptop is freakin' dead before me.

Almost all things I owned are shit and ruined. First phone: busted. Then, the motorola: damaged beyond repair. Next, HTC: the battery ruined; laptop NEC: outlived the software, so now it's useless too; Asus tablet: button On damaged and its software obsolete; Lumia 925: motherboard busted (fucking hell with this one); my brother's Lenovo: speaker problem and WiFi macam sial; my brother's iPhone 4: battery expanded and almost exploded too; my new Asus tablet: the screen cracked and haven't been repaired yet (cuz I smashed the screen repeatedly out of anger) and now this fucking HP laptop erghhhhh fuck fuck fuck everything is wrong from the keyboard to the fan to the 3D graphic card to the wireless driver (which means I can't connect to the fucking Internet) and now the start-up screen problem (which means I can't fucking even switch on the fucking laptop).

Not only my plan to buy PS4 and the TV went out into the drain, my savings is gone to buy the shoes, the convocation robes and the jacket. I don't even have a smartphone, I need a working laptop, and thinking about all these is further stressing me out.

Not like anyone care, actually.

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