Nov 17, 2016

Malaysian Housemanship 2016

Here is the story of my life so far:

1. Finished the final exams in early June. Waited a week in constant anxiety and much trepidation for the results to come out and on June 16th, I received the good news that I passed the exams.

2. Two weeks later my university released the transcript of study to those who passed the exams. The transcript of study is a document that recorded the results of every exam throughout the academic years and valid as a proof that we have finished the medicine course. Other than the transcript, my university also issued a Dean's letter (that basically tell those who are concerned that yes, this imbecile has passed the medical degree) to be used during the MMC provisional registration later on. I went to JB to collect the transcript and to bring home the remaining half of my possession that I have accumulated in my rented house.

3. For most students in other universities, they will be having their graduation day shortly after the results were released and will have the medical degree certificate ready for them. The certificate is also one of the important documents that you may need for the MMC provisional registration.

4. So once I have the Dean's letter and the transcript of study, I can proceed with the MMC registration. MMC (Malaysian Medical Council) is a professional body that gives out practicing licences to all doctors in Malaysia. In other words, before you can start practicing medicine in Malaysia, you need to have a licence issued by the MMC. If you are not licensed, then you are a quack doctor. And quack doctors deserved to be in jail.

5. There are other documents needed for the MMC provisional registration and it also depends on where your school is (local, overseas, India, Indonesia). The provisional registration form can be downloaded HERE. In the form there is already a checklist for you to complete in order to submit the form.

6. Once I have submitted the MMC registration form BY HAND at the MMC in KL, I waited for a fortnight to collect the provisional registration application official letter from the MMC. After that is just a waiting period for me to be called for the interview.

7. Then, in early August, I received an SMS informing me that I have to go for the SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkidmatan Awam) interview. The interview window period started from late August until early October. I went to check SPA website and found out my interview was on the last day, 14th October. I had selected Putrajaya earlier as my place for the interview and after the interview, the results will be released on a later date.

8. On 15 Nov, I checked the SPA website to know the status of my application. The status has updated to SIMPANAN LANTIKAN (1146 dari 1315). It means that there are 1315 people that got the placement to do housemanship, but it is a ranking system. That means that the offer is given accordingly, based on which ranking we are in. If the placement only has 650 empty slots, then the first 650 out of the 1315 got the offer first. I was pretty bummed out when I know about it.

9. Yesterday, I checked the website and under Senarai Keputusan Temuduga, the interview results for the candidates applying for position Pegawai Perubatan UD41 Lantikan Secara Kontrak has been published. 

10. Then I checked the ehouseman website and found this:

That means that I have to be ready next Tuesday at 12 pm sharp in front of my computer and race against time and other candidates to choose the hospital that I want to work in.

That's it about my life before housemanship so far. Will update more as I finalize things.

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