Nov 9, 2016

Painful Wrist

The pain is still here, made worse when I absent-mindedly pressed my left wrist. The Lonsdale suppresses it fairly well, but the compression makes my thumb numb and the rest of the fingers tingling like being shocked.

I didn't fall last night, which to me counts as one small personal victory. I still walk like a turtle, though, thus reaffirming my belief that it is far from over. The pain reminded me that. Day and night went by and I did not do anything for the sprain. The bed I slept in the dawn of yesterday actually made my body ached. I didn't believe it was possible, but it did. 

As I recall, I always have a problem with my small and out-of-proportion wrists. For a guy of this size (aka huge), I have relatively thin wrists. Girls of my age have bigger wrists. And the problem of having small and thin wrists is they are prone to be sprained. I once had a 5-year wrist pain after I sprained myself from doing push-ups back in secondary school. Now I got it again and thankfully it's only on my left wrist.

Maybe I will need to put some ointment on my wrist. The one that goes warm after we rub it on the skin. Hopefully the pain would go away. But for now, I am glad I have the Lonsdale.

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