Nov 29, 2016

Pre PTM Prep

Before I begin, it is suffice to mention that I took a couple of days to come into term with my housemanship placement (sudah-sudah lah tu..) and started to prepare the documents needed for the next course of action: attending the Program Transformasi Minda (PTM) course that will take place next Monday.

I have to tell you guys that as of now, I haven't received any PTM letter. We were just told that the date would be from 5th - 9th December. But have no worry, the list of the documents is short. The more important checklist for the documents that we must prepare is the one we need to bring when we report to the hospital. That list is available for download in the ehouseman website after you had confirmed your placement. This list is longer (meaning there are more documents to be prepared), hence this is the focus of my entry today.

Surat Tawaran Pelantikan, Surat Setuju Terima Pelantikan and the document checklist are compiled together in Surat Tawaran document. That one is easy enough. I printed a coloured Surat Tawaran and went to the Emergency Department where I did my electives to ask one of the MOs there to sign and validate my Surat Tawaran. You can ask anyone to sign it, as long as they work in Government. I guess. (THAT'S ONE LOUSY TIPS!)

Or, or, you can ask other people about it.

This signed and validated letter (Salinan Diakui Sah) is to be hand-delivered to MMC in order for me to get the Certificate of Provisional Registration (not the one you got after applying and then you brought to the SPA interview. That one is Surat Permohonan Pendaftaran Sementara). I went there very early in the morning last week as I had to go to work after that. The office opens at 8 a.m and I just had to hand in the letter, no questions asked and that's it. Done.

Around the same time, you should check the MMC website as they will inform you the EXACT DATE when you MUST go to the MMC and take the certificate yourself (Sijil Perakuan Pendaftaran Sementara). If you could not come and get it on the ONE DAY you are assigned to come, you can only take it after the PTM ends. The namelist comes in a PDF document that you can download and can be found in the mainpage:

Mine is tomorrow and I shall bring my Surat Tawaran Lantikan as mentioned above. Heh. Lucky I saw it.

The three copies of Surat Setuju Terima Pelantikan is easy too. Just signed it and done. Also, I made copies of my SPM, MBBS degree certificate, and my IC. Do it early so that you won't forget to do it when you are rushing to complete the more difficult documents later on.

Two forms that needed to be downloaded from Pautan Pantas SPA website are the Surat Akuan Sumpah [SPA 6C(2014)] and the Borang Permohonan Pemeriksaan Perubatan (medical check up form).

I am going to the Klinik Kesihatan this afternoon as medical check ups can only be done in KK after 2 pm. I have filled up my personal details beforehand and I required a witness that is from the group Pegawai Kerajaan Kumpulan Pengurusan dan Profesional to sign the form. Who the heck is that? I have checked around and it roughly meant that people who are in administration with Pegawai Title like a PTD officer, Pengetua Sekolah Menengah and such, professionals like doctors, or basically those with pay grade 41 and above. I'm gonna ask one of the doctors in KK later before I do the check up.

I haven't done the Surat Akuan Sumpah. I planned to do it the day after tomorrow. For this document, I need to fill it up in front of a Pesuruhjaya Sumpah. I know this one will cost me money. Luckily, there is only one document for them to sign. I noticed there is one in Bangunan MARA in KL. Maybe it's cheaper there? I don't know la. Ish banyak betul duit aku habis.

I still haven't seen nor heard of the PTM letter. That one I just need to make copies of it. Should be simple.

Lastly, the Borang Perjanjian Kontrak. I printed 4 copies as they asked for that much. Do not staple the documents or whatsover as it clearly stated to do no tampering at all to the document. I went to the Post Office to buy four Setem Hasil RM10. I don't glue the stamp yet, as I was not exactly sure how to proceed with this. We received emails from HR KKM informing us that the duty stamp (Setem Hasil = Duty Stamp) must be dimatikan (dimatikan = ditunaikan) ON THE DAY OF THE PTM.

This sounds so freaking last minute and I hate KKM for condoning, no, no, authorizing this practice of doing things so late. That means that you have to wait for the PTM letter to arrive in order to know where your PTM course is taking place, then you have to google where is the nearest LHDN office to matikan your setem hasil. On the day I will have to go to PTM, I will go to the LHDN office in the morning. The PTM registration starts at 2.30 pm so there should be time (albeit briefly with no time for delay) to complete the document. The sign for Ketua Setiausaha and Saksi for that should be left blank for now. I will just have to sign the Pegawai (a.k.a Me, lol) and the saksi for that signature of mine.

Okay that's it for now. Will continue more as I finalize a few more things.


  1. Assalamualaikum, ada official website ke where they tell you in detail what to do after eho? i'd like to know please

  2. Thank you for sharing all your experience Dr. Very useful for me as i'm facing the same situation now