Dec 5, 2016

Final PTM Preparation

So, continuing on from the previous entry,

I went to the MMC on the date I've been assigned to collect my certificate. When I first applied for the MMC provisional registration way back in June, I used my transcript of study as the proof that I had finished my medical school. I only received my medical degree certificate 3 months later when I had my convocation ceremony. Because of that, my MMC provisional certificate application lacks the required documents for them to process my application fully.

Thus, I am required to submit one validated copy of my medical degree certificate and my transcript of study (even though I have submitted this long time ago). These documents can be sent by post or you can submit it directly. The deadline is one month from my convocation day. 

I did my medical check-up and the doctors there are more than happy to sign my check-up as the witness. No need to go so far away for a witness, after all.

I also went to the Commissioner of Oath (Pesuruhjaya Sumpah). They take RM4 for one stamp and signature for any Akuan Berkanun - the Surat Akuan Sumpah (that's actually cheap), but if you asked them to sign other copies of the documents to validate them, they cannot do it under the capacity as the Commissioner of Oath. Instead, they will validate is under their capacity as a lawyer, and  that my friend, is totally different. Why? Because as a lawyer, they charged ONE signature and stamp RM10 for each document.

Okay, moving on,

The PTM letter has arrived! When I said arrived, I mean I had to go to the ehouseman website where they updated my status and gave me the link to download the PTM letter. So all I have to do is to print it and voila, the PTM letter is here. 

One word of advise here: do not prepare your housemanship journey alone. You will left stuck with limited information and will be out of the loop with the latest news. I am grateful to have whatsapp and facebook groups that informed me that no, that damned letter is not arriving via post anymore. Everything is digital.

There is not much to prepare for the PTM. They asked to fill in the participant details in the ehouseman website. That form (Borang Peserta) then needed to be printed out in 2 copies where you need to paste your passport-sized photograph on each of the copies. That means you need to prepare at least 2 passport-sized photographs. I am sure more photos are needed later on, so prepare a lot more of your cheesy-looking posed pictures.

One copy of your medical check-up (the same one from the previous list), one copy of the MMC provisional registration certificate, and two copies of the surat tawaran lantikan are also needed. Don't forget to bring the original copies as well. Heck, I'm bringing my whole folder of documents with me to the PTM this afternoon. Better safe than sorry.

I went to the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri this morning to matikan my setem hasil. The branch office opens at 8 am so there is plenty of time to do it. Just go to the counter, fill up the form, then take your waiting number, then wait until your number is called where they do some office things, then you go to the other counter where they stamp your stamp with the date (today) that you are going to the PTM (today). There are 4 copies of that and once it's done, that's it for my Borang Perjanjian Pegawai Kontrak

Other things that I have prepared:

1. Kemeja baju Batik - no kidding. It's in the PTM list. Apparently all government servants need to wear batik every Thursday. Don't worry, we don't actually wear the batiks in the hospital. But suffice to say, I had fun hunting down the kemeja batik. I got one at a reasonable price (bought it in Parkson). The said kemeja batik must be of Malaysian motif. No Jawa batiks, please (although I like them more).

2. Surat Penyata Akaun Bank - I read somewhere that it's better to prepare this early. Once we report to the hospital, their Unit Hasil would want to know our bank account number for our salary and stuff. I went to Maybank, asked them for a penyata akaun because I'm going to start working soon, and they will print out the letter. 

3. Penyata KWSP - I don't know how to open an account because I already have one made by my employer when I worked in the optic store. Just go to any KWSP branch (I super love the Kajang branch - really efficient and friendly) and ask to open an account. As for me, they said you can even print out the penyata using the machines (it looked like the parking ticket machines you see in shopping malls). To make things more easy, ask them how to register the iAkaun. You can download the app (Android, iOS) and you can check your penyata on your phone. You can even print out the penyata without having to go to the KWSP branch. 

4. Rubber stamp - Oh I'm so giddy just from thinking about it. I used to get a bit down when my Eupho friends from my secondary school gave me their business card, thinking that I won't have my cards. But now I realized I have something equivalent to it: my stamp! Oh I loved it. Got my name on it with my MMC number, my position with the grade number, and lastly the name of the hospital I'm going to work in. Muehehehe.

I have completed my documents, finished packing, checked my car, etc. All I need to do now is to have brunch, take another shower, go make a dozen of passport-sized photographs, then go to the PTM. Oh man the jitters are here.

So long guys! See you in a week's time.


  1. Dr.. After submit ur borang perjanjian, memang tidak boleh stapler ke??

  2. Hi . I would like to ask if u had certified all your documents which has to be given to ptm ?
    I'm not sure if i should certify it.

    Thank you.

    1. Do you mean 'verified'? Only do so on the documents that they specifically asked.