Apr 27, 2017

From Bumps to Bones

Oh hello there, my blog of mine. Long time no see.

These past two weeks are the most hectic moments of my life. Last week I had my assessment with my specialist. It was very nerve-wrecking. My mind keeps blanking out and I was having thought block. All my answers are short and incomplete. By the end of the assessment I strongly suspected that she began to lose her patience with me but strangely enough I was amazed that she passed me.

Then she asked to see my logbook. Crap this is where I know I'm gonna fail. My logbook still got a few procedures unsigned. Then she said that I had a few hours to complete the logbook or else she's gonna extend me. I was stressed at that point. I honestly thought that she will give me a few days to complete the logbook after being assessed but lazybum me clearly was mistaken.

Yet another magical thing happened - I got my logbook and my dreaded unsigned green form signed in the few hours before the 5 pm deadline. I had to withstand a few last verbal slashes from my bosses but alas, it was completed. I returned to my specialist to get it finalized and then to send my logbook to the admin.

There I handed in my logbook and received a letter and a brand new logbook for my second posting - ORTHOPAEDICS! A second posting already! You have to realize that I did not expect this at all. After months of having palpitations at the thought of having to go to work in O&G department, finally I don't have to anymore. I'm a second poster houseman now. The realization has not sank in yet for me, not even until now.

But that began the vicious cycle of the famous gruesome tagging period. I did not even have any end of posting (EOP) off days when I'm finishing my first posting. The next day I began my 10 day tagging from 7 am till 10 pm with no off days whatsoever. Which means, the last time I don't have to go to work for one whole day was on one of the weekends of 8th or 9th April. Bloody hell no wonder I'm so tired and cranky.

The tagging stories in Ortho will have to wait. I'll be writing again once I got real free time. Actually I'm supposed to be studying right now as my assessment for my off-tag with my mentor is tomorrow! Again, as usual - I AM SO DEAD. LORD, HAVE MERCY!

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