May 23, 2017

Revisiting 13 Reasons Why

Back in 2012, I have made an entry about my Kindle app on my tablet. I was a huge nerd on novels (still am. really) and I am always proud of my e-book collection that I downloaded over the Internet. I organized those books using a software called Calibre, where I can do custom editing of the title of the books with a numbering system. That way, all my books can be displayed in the chronological order in my Kindle (I mainly collected novel series, not so on stand-alone novels). See, I already sound like a dork trying to explain it. Really, try looking at my collection 5 years ago here:

Now, it will be such a shame if I don't compare my collection as of now with my old collection, wouldn't it? 

Anyway, there's this show over Netflix called "13 Reasons Why" that is generating a lot of buzz for these couple of months or so. I know it's a bit late but when the first time I heard about it I was like, "What? 13 Reasons Why?? How on Earth can they make a series coming out of 1 novel?" And  I remembered that I read that book waaaay back in 2012 it's like no, don't, it's a hellava sad story why would you kill your viewers with kind of story (I hate sad story by the way). Nevertheless, the novel was breathtaking and although you know the premise of the story, once you started reading you are compelled to see it through the ending,just like the protagonist of the story has to deal with Hannah's tapes.

So, seeing that me being invalid and writhing in pain for another week or so at home, I might use this window of recuperating to open back my wound and once again, into the breach of the life and death of Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why.

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