May 7, 2017

The Weekly Collective Thoughts

It's amazing how being a different department changes the mood you are in. I remember the despair and my reluctance to go to work. Of how I will get palpitations and tremors dreading the hours before having to don my clothes and walk out the room to face the horrors I will find in the hospital.

This is the sorry state I am living in for the past, hmm, one month? I had been sleeping on the floor for so long my bed is just there collecting dusts. All my (clean) laundry I just dumped them on the bed and not bothering to fold them because let's face it, I will use them back again soon. So why bother?

At the time of writing this down though, I just cleaned up my room to the state I'm proud to say suitable for human to live.

It's not like Orthopaedics is any easier. I have almost no knowledge about it, make it none at all, but the environment does really help me to learn. The bosses are easy-going but do not lax at work. They don't nag, they don't find your fault, and most importantly, they teach. That's a hugeee bonus.

The ward work can be a bit hectic every morning as we have to complete the list for the next day operation, but once it is settled, the work is manageable and very tolerable. The working style in Ortho is different from O&G and I will have to take some time to familiarize myself with it. 

The only thing I am not comfortable yet about Ortho is the fact we have to be on alert with Whatsapp texts. We share a Whatsapp group with all the MOs and the specialists, so when they ask for something it has to be answered. It will be a challenge for me as I do keep my phone lying around and not attending to texts straight away.

I just left my phone to take a dump and when I returned there are 132 texts???

But so far, I no longer dread coming to work. I know even Orthopaedics has its own emergency cases like PE, fat embolism syndrome, shock, DKA (a lot of DFU here, FUUUUUU), but the level of stress I encountered here is much more less than I found in O&G. See how much I am comparing Ortho with O&G? Hahah.

Okay it's time for some power nap. I am working PM shift today, so let's hope my night is gonna go well this time (the last time one of my patients had to be intubated in ward and the post night morning there's another patient went desat with fever and shit that is suspiciously PE or FES). Just my luck, huh?

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