Dec 1, 2017

Of Raving Thirst to Written Tales

"Is my method of searching for new blogs to read wrong, 
or is there simply too few of us still blogging in their free time?"

Not exactly how I want to start my entry for tonight but that thought is generally what I come up with whenever the small list of blogs that I followed remained idle without updates. I understand that they are not compelled to update their blog regularly, even I sometimes leave my blogs with cobwebs for months, but what frustrates me is that I simply could not find any new interesting blogs to follow.

When I first started blogging during A level (it was in 2008), there was a number of colleagues who started to blog as well. It was a good time for me because I love reading interesting personal blogs, and all of us have different style of writing and presentations, which makes it way way more interesting. One or two garner a lot of followers due to their enticing way of story telling and others prefer theirs to be the secret garden of blooming thoughts. But over time they stopped blogging because of various reasons, leaving me alone in writing nonsensical stuff that almost no one read.

One of the aspects of blogging that I really like is the customization of the blog itself. Some bloggers don't even need to customize anything because their writings are that good and worth squinting our eyes out to blur the unattractiveness of the whole blog layout but it never hurt to appreciate some really beautifully designed blogs. But again, pretty blog without content does not hold much interest to me. 

What I want is their personal stories. Secrets that are best spilled to complete strangers. I want to read wild tales and sad woes in between every punctured sentences, in the disorganized paragraphs, and among incomplete stanzas of poetry. Give me the recollections of mistakes learned, the opportunity seized, the chances that are missed. Of the pain of being left, the sorrow of leaving, the joy of meeting - the full, undisguised spectrum of emotions that are too raw to be felt but sufficed to be understood in words. Of the littlest things that make us humans and the momentous ideas that pushes the very meaning of humanity forward. It all begins with an introduction from stringed pieces of words.

Write in the disjointed paragraphs if you want if that is the truest reflection of your current state of mind is. Be as vague as you can or as convoluted if you have to when you feel the right words are trapped in your mind. What we write defines how we want the world to see us and even how we want the world to see itself. Expressions that we want to convey can be easily presented in so many different ways and in so many forms. So please make a blog, people, and write good stuff in it regularly (and not in facebook), because I am starving for things to read.

TL;DR (huh!): Drop me your blog link in the comments so I can read them all.


  1. Salam'alayk Safuan,

    I found your blog recently when I was searching for information on PTM and HO related stuff and guess what? I was hooked immediately to your writings. I went on reading your other posts and now your blog is in my bookmarks bar:) How can I describe it? It's introspective, honest and insightful. Oftentimes I found myself reflecting on the stories and experiences you shared. Reading your words somehow reminds me of that feeling when we're curled up with a good book. So today I just felt like dropping you this comment to say thank you. Keep writing and sharing cause you never know how others might benefit from it.

    1. Wa'alaikumsalam Anon,

      Oh my, erm.. *scarlet blushed*