Dec 8, 2017

Spotify Playlist 3: MEDICOLO

I have sent my logbook up to the committee right two weeks before my EOP. I have been chewed on by Ayahanda (He Who Must Not be Named) via Whatsapp after I explained to him that I still haven't completed the 12 departmental teachings required in Medical posting. I still need another two, one of which I just attended and another is my own presentation which will happen next week on the 15th. Both of which are on the dates before my EOP so will ya chill your tits out?

Luckily the other committee members are sympathetic, and Dr Z already signed the completion of training for me. Hooray. That makes it like 99.8% completion of the rotation in Medical for me. Just need to survive next week working in the dengue ward, present my topic and off I go into EOP off days and onto Surgical next. 

Cue in Makeba by Jain, a deeply pulsating song made popular by Levi's Circle advertisement I saw in the cinemas. It came late during the third month selection songs for my playlist; however, I like it immensely that I choose it as the song of the department. When fatigue catches up to me and I feel like all of this is too much, this song slowly defibrilate my all-time low mood and gradually put me back into rhythm. Like back into the groove. LOL. 

"Nobody can beat the Mama Africa 
You follow the beat that she’s gonna give you 
I need a smile you can love 
Make it go, the sufferation of a thousand more"

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