Apr 29, 2018

Chilling Things Wishlist

I'm gonna die here in Paediatrics, I kid you not. The mountainous challenges I discovered that are waiting for me here are quite scary, to be honest. I believe all of these stem from the fact that the posting in Paediatrics is very prone to being extended. Kau buat ini salah, hah, extend 2 bulan! That blood culture is contaminated? EXTEND! Clerking sheet's not completed? EXTEND! Tak approach assessor within the time frame? EXTERMINATE! It's like walking into a minefield blindly not with the blindfold but with your eyes blinded with fork jabbed into your already-blind eyes. So much blind. Much not see. Wow.

Anyway the reason I'm up so early in the morning is because 1) I'm an early riser (when I wanted to) and 2) last night I slept after taking a dump without performing my Isha' afterwards so I was awoken to pray at 5 o'clock in the morning and 3) today is my off day in this first week of my tagging in Paediatrics so I want to spend as much time that I have today waking up and not working. Lewls

So little time and so much things to do, as usual! I intend to just chill my ass off today, eating delicious home-cooked meal (I'm home now - just drove for an hour and half last night after work and arrived home at midnight last night) and planning to get my new pair of raya glasses (kelas kau Safuan ada spek mata raya hahahahoya). Being in the dreaded department with no guarantee of getting any leave makes you wishful for things that you want to do when given the chance of a time to do so, I daresay! There are things that I want to do in my spare time such as:

1. Go travelling abroad

My parents just came from a week++ holiday to Turkey whoahhhhh I am so jealous and happy for them! They brought home so many Turkish delights, baklava, figs and not to mention, souvenirs for all of us. Turkey was and still is one of my dream holiday travels. When I was a student blessed with a year in UK, I was fortunate to be able to travel to three European cities (Prague, Rome, Athens) and enjoyed my time there. I just renewed my passport and I intend to go somewhere abroad end of this year in sha Allah (hopefully by that time I will have finish this hateful Paediatrics!! AMEEENNN)

2. Reading novels

I have rediscovered my interest to read my currently-reading novel A Wrinkle In Time. I really do miss reading books. I have a modest collection of novels in my tablet that I have maintained for quite some years now. I always have this habit of rereading books that I love - it makes sense, doesn't it, with people who have library of books at their home? What else is the function of keeping the books for years if you're only going to read them once and keep them dusted in the bookshelves, serving as the food for the termites? Twice I have blogged about my novel collection over times - here are the links: Iqra' and Revisiting 13 Reasons Why.

3. Binge-watching seasons of TV series

Oh this is one of my favourite pastimes! Unfortunately I have ran out of series to watch except for a few that I'm waiting for the whole season to end first before I watch it all in one go. I used to keep track of my favourite TV series using Trakt.tv website (which is quite good but doesn't really serve any functional purpose, really). These are my current watching list:

These are the series that I LOVED but either it had ended or being cancelled :(

While these are the series that I used to watch in the past but I stopped watching because either they are getting boring and refused to die (as a series), I'm waiting for the next season as they are on hiatus, or I'm not liking where the story is headed LOL

Alright, my ass is getting more and more kematu from sitting typing all this. Gonna need to stretch my legs (to the fridge in the kitchen LOL) and spend my precious one day offday to the max! Happy Sunday people!! 

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