Aug 27, 2018

Netflix and Chill

After a long (but enjoyable) week of working in ED, today is my offday. Last night I hurriedly drove home after work to maximize my time to spend relaxing at home. I was given only one day off from work, which is today, before continuing my week of working alternatively between day shift and night shift. I began my day early today, as early as 6 am, kicking it off with prayer and breakfast with the family (such a bliss! I missed them so much!) before slaving myself in front of the television playing Skyrim on the playstation. 

In the afternoon, while my sis was helping my mom with the lunch preparation (of which I didn't contribute, none at all. Sorry!!) I replenished my energy by taking a long nap in the cozy air-conditioned room. I missed the room so much. I did not say it's my room for the fact that well, it's not. Not really. It's a room that has a queen-size bed with a big cupboard where we all stuff some of our clothes among us siblings. Because all of my siblings are usually away from home, that room is kind of for everyone to use, whoever comes first. Anyway, my hostel room at the hospital is not air-conditioned, and the weather in Klang is just so cruel. The humidity is scorching and the hot wind is just.. sufficed to say the retreat to my much beloved home is a treat I much needed.

After lunch I switched on Netflix from my playstation and browse through the contents. Now, I rarely watch movies from Netflix because I will never finish them. What I like to watch are TV series mainly because I like the continuity of the story. I hate it when any story ends. Give as much closure as you can, but once a movie ends, it just makes me so sad and empty. I'm easily attached to the worlds captured in the screens and the universes crafted in inks - they are the places where my heart beats faster with fascination and aches with the tragedies. I have written more elaborately what I think about this topic three years ago and reading it back, the same appreciation is what I still feel about it. In fact, wow I like what I wrote back then - damn I write like a monkey with a typewriter now.

Moving on, today I watched not one, but two movies on Netflix. The first one is the currently trending worldwide, To All the Boys I've Loved Before (cue in screaming and squeals from the fangirls).

Well the movie is a hit for a number of reasons. First, because the main character, Lara Jean is from POC (people of colour). That is half work done to get all the people hyped up about it those Western countries. Personally I don't care much about all of these POC rising up etc. Just give me something good to watch. But this movie is undeniably good. Not because of the second reason you girls like to moan and sigh about which is Peter Kavinsky. It's not jealousy or whatever but erm, that guy is just.. average? HAHAH okay no comment. I don't want to be bashed by strangers about this point. And lastly, good cinematography. I'm no expert, but it's very visually alluring, if you get what I mean. Overall, a light chick-lit enjoyable to watch. Rating: 7.5/10.

And the second movie I just finished watching and which had inspired me to gabble about it now is the latest addition to the Netflix, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (that's a mouthful!).

Before you guys say anything, yes - I am a chick-lit enthusiast and a rom-lit keen fan. I was a big dork on Notting Hill years back, I simply loved reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, and I hate how people keep missing a fact that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a romantic movie despite the complexity of the plot - incredibly sad in its own way, but it's romantic much to me. Now, the title of the movie is long but already it intrigues you to watch (or read it). The movie splendidly explained why the book club has such a long name. The Guernsey island, oh magnificent. What a beauty. The past and the present interwoven so fluidly it keeps me hooked to watch it. And yes, I admit the main character, Juliet Ashton is so pretty to look at. The whole movie is very much has a Hallmark feeling to it, as my sis aptly pointed out, and I like it very much. This island may well have placed its name on my non-existent list of places I want to travel to in the future. Overall, personally, I give it a 9/10.

As you can deduce or already know, these two movies are actually adaptations from the books of the same titles. Now, having watched these two movies, I don't think I dared to read the books because I am very much aware how different the books and the movies are. I think the least discrepancy that can be found from movie adaptations are the Hunger Games series and for me, the only movie adaptation that is well, better than the book is The Confession of a Shopaholic. As I already enjoyed watching these two movies, I'm leaving the books for others to enjoy instead.

That's it guys. Now that I am content with my offday, it's time for me to pack up and to drive to Klang tonight. Work resumes like normal tomorrow and it's a brand new day. Good night, or good day, or simply put, take care, wherever and whenever you all are!

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