Oct 26, 2018

An Infatuation of Fires

In the beginning, there was a fire. I guess I should say the fire is always there, sometimes reduced to  smoldering coal and sometimes it erupts into a great flame. I couldn't know when it first lighted up but I can feel it burns from time to time.

In the past, I had a great campfire. That fire burns for such a long time I thought it would last forever. It used to burn very bright and very warm, but it also came with such hazardous flame. I was burned quite often and over time the great campfire lost its fire and its warmth. The fire finally extinguished and I, exhausted and torched, moved on.

The thing about heat and its warmth that soothes you is that it comes in a lot of ways and sources. There is sunlight which is your primary source of warmth, there's heat from hearth or fireplace when you entered dwellings, there's heat from hot food and drinks, etc. But sometimes you will find yourself looking at fires that are dangerous. Volcanoes, furnaces, stoves, and if you can still play along, other people's fireplace.

But just looking alone is fine. You can't get burned from it. You may longed for its warmth, but you know you're not supposed to. Some fires do hurled itself to you, but most often it's only a small spark or a burst that will die almost immediately after it's being cast. Some fires are too enticing with its bright flames and sparks you feel like a moth being drawn to it. You can't help it so you do stupid things just to get near it. And sometimes you get burned. 

Not this recently ago I came upon a small and steady fireplace that gives me warmth. It is a petite hearth, unlike the great campfire in the past. It does not give off blazing walls of flames. It does not dazzle. But the hearth is as homely as I could imagine it could be, and the warmth is there. There is simply no inferno that will burn me. The flame may be small at the moment, and while other fires out there tug my heart from time to time I feel like I want to stay with this hearth of mine. 

Let the fire burns bright.

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