Dec 22, 2018

Spotify Playlist #6: It's an Emergency!

As promised, this is the last Spotify playlist for my housemanship, as in the list of songs I love to listen to for the past 4 months when I am in Emergency department. Making a playlist for each posting in housemanship is something I tried to make it as my own 'tradition'. It is fun and it gives me something to talk about.

Sometimes when I am at work, you can find me singing or humming to myself. My colleagues would often asked me questions along the line of "having a good day at work, eh?" because people associate singing as something people do when they are happy.

Sometimes. But for me mostly NOT.

I sing to myself when I find myself stressed at work. I did it subconsciously. Have you ever stuck with a lot of things that you need to do all at once where it accumulates and gets to the point that just by thinking about them all make you freeze and unsure on how or what to start? You can feel the stress just builds up and for me, during those moments these songs that are stuck in my head will just torrented out. It gives me grounded and saner as I combat the craziness at work.

Two songs resonate well with me during my wonderful time in ED, and those are: 

1) Pressure by Muse. This song is simply electric with my favourite style of fast beat tempo and kick ass guitar. The theme of this song really is about pressure, and that pressure to me applies whenever I'm stricken thinking about the huge responsibilities of being an MO. At best, whenever I'm stressed I would often blurt out the whole chorus because it feels like the whole chant to ward off the pressure (too bad it didn't work lol)

"I'm feeling the pressure
I can't break out
No one can hear me scream and shout
Get out of my face and out of my mind"

2) Thunderclouds by Labrinth and Sia. Okay, first of all, it's Sia. I love her voice. Second, this song is perfect. The first 2 seconds played and I'm hooked. To me, personally, this song is about getting through dark days ahead. Well, the song is actually about the mistrust and fear in a relationship, but seeing that mine is quite stable (All I need is love, da-dum da-dum) let's make it about work as usual hahah

"But don't be afraid of these thunderclouds,
These thunderclouds, oh no"


Seeing that Christmas festive is all upon us, I want to share with you guys my favourite Christmas songs. Bear in mind that I don't celebrate Christmas because I'm a Muslim, but hey, loving the songs doesn't equate to observing Christmas. Also, of all those songs, I only like two.

1. Carol of the Bells - originally this is a Ukrainian folk chant as they enter new year during springtime (pre-Christianity). The original song is called Shchedryk, schchedryk. Absolutely smashing, and also the Ukrainian language is just beautiful. It has this eerie note to it, and apparently back in those old days the chants are somewhat magical as in it invokes the good bountiful harvest into the year, like a prayer of some sort.

2. Twelve Days of Hawaiian Christmas - This is somewhat nostalgic. I first stumbled upon this song during my early trip to Klang as I began my housemanship. I was alone, scared, and overall miserable as I drove all by myself to Klang to start my career as a doctor. At that time, the now-extinct played this song over the radio. I was like what is this ukulele, hula lesson and coconut are doing in a Christmas song but it managed to entertain and cheered me up considerably. "FIVEEEE BIG FAT PIIIIIIGSSS"

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