Dec 19, 2018

The Ending Days of Housemanship

So here it is, the second stop in my journey. I couldn't believe how fast time flies despite the many instances where I cursed and complained about working as a houseman here. There's a lot that I wanted to talk about, so many things that I want to share but I think the reality of it all ending hindered the process of updating this blog. For that I apologize.

I want to thank you guys for reading my blog for the past 2 years (or more), beginning with the day I graduated from medical school, preparing for the SPA interview, the antagonizing ehouseman mishap and the ever popular PTM post (it's still the most viewed post of my blog). Also not forgetting the ever-macabre morbidity posts about patients dying in the hospital. This blog is my number one place I go to to collect myself. I need only me rereading what I've shared to reinforce myself of the values and lessons I wish to never be forgotten.

So here's the recap of my whole personal & housemanship journey so far:

  • I'm one of the people from the first batch of contract housemen that began the housemanship process with the threat of being terminated prematurely for any gross misconduct etc and the uncertainty of being offered a permanent place as an MO later on.
  • Started my first posting in O&G on 21st Dec 2016 where subsequently I fall into the most bleak moments of my life due to the nature of the department. Alhamdulillah, managed to proceed to the next department, Orthopaedics in April 2017 without extension (only 1 explanation letter LOL).
  • My mood improved significantly in Orthopaedics from better working environment and people encountered there. Almost got extended during viva with the ever-scary Miss R (you will be tongue-tied with her. Her stare is like of a.. tiger?). Also I was down with shingles for two weeks so I burnt all my leaves and MCs.
  • I entered Medical in August 2017 and immediately felt the brunt and burnouts from work. I gained more confidence in blood taking (it's not about the higher chance of success. It's about your readiness in attempting it). I was lucky to get nice specialists for my assessments so that went like a breeze. 
  • Had my one and only needle-prick injury during branula insertion to a MRO patient who yanked everything out and we ended up 'brawling' (at freakin 3 am!). Was super pissed-off, went emo thus I refused to insert any branula that morning and feeling ashamed that the wife of the patient noticed it and apologizing back to me. All was well.
  • Oh, I broke up with my super longstanding girlfriend for a whole lot of painful yet unreasonable reasons (such as objection from my parents) in October 2017. Had a second meltdown around that time so I spent ALL the money I had saved previously.
  • Got my first annual increment of RM225 as the result of completing HRMIS online in time.
  • Moved on to Surgical in December 2017 where the stiff ego and stuffy attire suffocated me on daily basis. Dismissed it as my everlasting dislike purely towards the surgical-based rotation and anything to do with OT and scrubs. Being liked by the MOs, not causing issues and being depended on to take care of the ward helped me a lot in completing my logbook in due time (get the hint).
  • Entered Paediatrics in April 2018 with some preparation on what to expect. Paediatrics here is more or less like the O&G - high extension rate, tightened tensile atmosphere with the crappiest of working hours. Had a few very close shaves of getting extension. Was down with super bad viral fever during the first 2 weeks of working in the ward. 
  • Received call from Human Resources that my slot for Klinik Kesihatan placement in 6th rotation was taken. They offered either ED or Anaes. After a few hours of asking opinions and consulting seniors, I chose ED.

  • On 15th August 2018, was told to fill in the form for MO placement.

  • I antagonized myself in deciding where to go next as an MO. I am not married, I have no commitment nor any specific ties. The chance of being transferred to East Malaysia is high. As of this moment of writing, we are still not told of our placement yet. Usually, the placement will be announced during the 3rd month of our last posting.
  • Had the most enjoyable posting ever. I have a liking towards ED since I was in medical school and some idea of pursuing ED as my career  progression were already formed in my mind from time to time.
  • Received my second annual increment of RM225. See? HRMIS is super important. Do not missed the deadline!
  • Heard rumours from the admin staff and colleagues that my batch will float in our respective hospitals for SIX MONTHS. The issue of permanent MO vs contract MO - how they decide who gets what, when the status is being announced, etc are still unveiled.
  • On November 22nd 2018, finally received good news that my full MMC registration number is done. Simply google this, "MMC full registration" or go to this MMC site directly. Type in your name and voila!

  • The next step that I needed to do was to fill in the APC form (Annual Practicing Certificate) for the year 2019. Any APC for the year must be completed before December the year before. Seeing that I got my full MMC registration number at the end of November, I was considered late and subjected to a fine of RM100.
  • To prevent the fine, I had to hand in an explanation letter together with APC registration form. What is it houseman with the never ending explanation letters?
  • A few weeks before finishing my last posting, was further told that all of us finishing will be floating as MO in Medical department. What a bummer! Apparently ED got wind of this as well and proceeded in securing 8 slots of floating MOs.
  • Without further ado, I handed in an appeal letter to the admin to float at the ED instead of Medical. Handed in my completed logbook with all relevant documents to ED admin office last week.
  • Called admin staff yesterday to confirm that I managed to get ED as my placement to do floating MO. I am currently at home, watching Netflix, playing games, and eating chocolates to my heart's content. Some people went all sorts of places during their EOP, but the lack of money and motivation to travel put me here in the comfort of home.

I will be starting my work as a floating MO (or drowning MO, depends on my level of anxiety HAHAH) on Friday. It's good that I didn't bid farewell to ED peeps yet. It would be quite embarrassing to say goodbyes and then came back to work the next week meeting the same people LOL. 

It has been quite an adventure, eh? I still have two topics to post, namely the final Spotify playlists and the annual meta reflection post that I fabulously missed the deadline. This would be my last entry written with tag #housemanship. Again, thank you all for sticking with me till the end. All the best with your future endeavours, dear readers, and till we meet again.


  1. Hey would you mind letting me know which webhost
    you're using? I've loaded your blog in 3 different browsers
    and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most.

    Can you suggest a good internet hosting provider at a honest price?
    Many thanks, I appreciate it!

    1. Ermm I'm really sorry but I still use I don't use any paid webhost. All of this are free.

  2. Spot on with this write-up, I actually believe this site needs a great deal more attention. I?ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks
    for the info!

    1. Thanks! Do come back. I mostly write about personal stuff or experiences working and I try to update as often as I can.

  3. Hi Dr, I am about to start my housemanship at the same hospital at the end of April. I would like to say that I enjoyed reading your blog entries. Since I graduated from an overseas university, I was wondering which posting should I choose to start with? And if you don't mind are there any helpful tips to survive this hospital? Thank you very much Dr. :)

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply! I don't know how to give tips on working at my hospital because the shifts has changed, there's a new building for O&G and Paediatrics, and what I experienced two years ago might not be valid anymore.
      But, in general:
      1. Be nice to everyone
      2. Do not talk back to nurses
      3. Be eager to learn / helpful
      4. If you feel like quitting, don't
      5. Find a hobby
      6. Eat well
      7. Find good comfy shoes (most HOs opt for Sketchers, myself included)

      And of the departments,
      O&G - very high stress, medium workload
      Med - medium stress, very high workload
      Surg - medium stress, medium workload
      Ortho - low stress, low workload
      Paeds - high to very high stress, medium workload

      ED - low stress, low workload

      This is my biased opinion anyway. Good luck!

  4. I just found out about your blog! Can totally relate with all of your postings and our rotation of departments are 100% the same! Currently I am on few last days of ED rotation before floating in ED as well later. Kind of excited to complete housemanship but cannot deny the pressure to carry the responsibilities as MO soon. Even as a 6th poster, MOs always encourage me to decide on my own and only come to them to counter check my plan.

    Anyway, wish me all the best! And all the best to you too, doctor. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! All the best for your next milestone! Nice blog by the way. Keep on blogging!