Nov 7, 2020

The Dog Days of 2020

Who knew that this is how the year goes by? 2020 so far is the bitchest, suckiest year I’ve ever had the misfortune to live in. I thought that with how 2019 had been the kindest, most wonderful year that graced me solid happiness (finishing housemanship with a bang, securing a permanent job, transferring to a chill environment, and most importantly getting married to my most beloved), that 2020 was gonna be the same but I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

And I sincerely thought that we had it all under control. We sacrificed a lot earlier this year, with the lockdowns and people adaping to the new norms. We even felt a tinge of pride when the world took a look at us and praised us on how we responded to the pandemic. Maybe this signals a new era where people finally accept that health is an important aspect of their lives.

But look at what happened to Sabah right after the election days. Despite recommendations and warning that the events would only escalate the risks of increasing trasmission of COVID-19, all of them took no heed. That’s when I knew that people are still not thinking that health is important. I know that before this people don’t think much about HEALTH in general, but in the wake of the fucking pandemic I thought that people will finally come around. Sadly it does not happen.

People only think of their health when they are in hospital, either because they are being admitted or they are visiting someone at the hospital. Sometimes they don’t even think of their health when they are sick. They will brush it off as there is a lot more things to do. More documents to be signed, more money to be made. They can hold it in, thinking that it might go away, or simply pop off some pills and they’ll be good as new.

What equally important as getting better when you are sick is taking a good care of yourself so that you don’t get sick in the first place. Or in other word, a prevention. They don’t think of that when Sabah happened. They are still, so sorrowfully ignorant and obstinate, flauntingly disregard the new norms that we begged them to comply. Always wear a mask whenever you have to go outside, but what do we see? Teachers in class, politicians in the field, sellers behind the counters - all of them disregard this. Some people still bumping fist, hugging the shoulders, hand in hand, and sitting closely together. People finding ratholes to bring their relatives in and out from the red zones when they know they can’t travel. I find this very upsetting.

What’s the use of our past sacrifice if this is how people respond to it? I am so tired and sick of it. This is not going to get any better any time soon by the way how it is going nowadays, and people who think otherwise is an ignorant piece of shit. This country doesn’t deserve nice things, because fuck you all you never take health seriously in the first place. I’m out. See you in another 3 months.

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