Safuan H Kamarudin
Graduated from Newcastle University (NUMed) and completed my two-year stint of housemanship in Malaysia. A member of the first batch of contract doctors under KKM, also colloquially known as the unluckiest batch of the guinea pigs. Floated for a short while (6 months) at my first love department, ED, before being offered a permanent posting (this is a sore subject nowadays among my colleagues) as a MHO (Medical & Health Officer) at a northern state health clinic (KK).

If anything has taught me during my busy housemanship days, it is that I still will and always have enough time to blog. I have been blogging since 2008 with some degree of consistency. I may not garner a lot of readers or visitors to my blog, but my time spent blogging are all time well spent.

Now that I am married, my focus has slightly changed. I aim for very different things in life right now and with those commitments I have to diverge and manage my time into other areas as well. As a result, I will blog less frequent than before. From time to time, though, I will post about my life and my work. After all, reflection and recollection are the main ingredients of my blog.

To know who I am is to read and understand my writings. Often you will find more than just words here. In between the lines, hidden behind the inconsistencies of the discorded paragraphs, you will find I am what I write, expressive ever greater than the physical manifestations of those words - bolder and harsher when it's written down. Inarticulate and quiet in real life.

If you are still here and still reading this, thank you is all I can offer. I can promise you and myself that I won't ever stop writing, and with that promise alone I think it is enough for all who are reading my blog. For all of you, and I, included.