How time flies! It is with pleasure to announce that I managed to complete my two-year housemanship training period in December 2018 successfully without being extended. Yeay to me! Back when I first started my housemanship, I made this category and predicted that it's gonna be filled with horrid stuff as I "rant and whine and curse and yells to everyone who listens". Which is kinda true.

But I believe it is more than that. The earlier posts under housemanship tag are about the preparations starting from the interviews, the ehouseman, PTM, etc. I tried to be as detailed as possible and the replies that I received mean that hey, they are benefiting something from my writings and are thanking me for that, so that's a good feeling for me. Further on I started to share my experience working as a houseman, the good and the bad, trying to be as honest as possible.

Truth be told, I was by far not a really good houseman. I am not smart. I am not too pleasant to work with actually. I am not perfect. I was never elected to be the houseman leader in charge of the housemen. I am not very skillful nor was exposed to a lot of procedural skills. I rate myself as slightly below average, a 6.5 out of 10.

But all the same, I was aspired to write about my life as a houseman here. More so as a recorded journal, so that in times of seeking comfort at heart, I would read back all my entries here and reflect, as I often do, about things that had happened, why, in disguised barakah, it happened to me and how, as a wondering soul looking for redemption, to work it all out so I would turn up a better person.

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